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“Is she pregnant, or just out of shape?” Misogyny and description in art history

Rosso, female nude

Rosso, Female Nude, Uffizi

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Humanities Research and New Knowledge: Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Battle Scenes in the Hall of the Great Council

A couple of years ago, I had a student who asked me if it was OK to base her general renaissance reading on a book she’d found in the local library – Heinrich Wölfflin’s Classic Art.  Now, I have a … Continue reading

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Men with Breasts (Or Why are Michelangelo’s Women so Muscular?) Part 1

When I give a talk, or run a class that includes work by Michelangelo, generally at some point someone will suggest that Michelangelo’s female figures look like “men with breasts”. I have to admit, that I sometimes deliberately task students … Continue reading

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