Databases and Notes

see page is for notes and databases that I’ve put together as part of my research that I hope might be useful to other people. I’ll keep updating this as I go through my notes, have time etc. You’re welcome to add corrections etc in the comments or via email.

1. Florentine Names in Chronicles, 1494-1512
This is an excel file I’ve taken from an old Works database. As I was reading Florentine chronicle sources, I took a note of every name I came across plus the reference, and stuck it in a file. This is it.  There’s quite a few abbreviations, so to understand the database, you’ll probably need the accompanying Word document. Obviously, you should check all these refs with the original sources, as I can’t guarantee this is mistake free.

Florentine Names in Chronicles 1494-1512
Abbreviation list for Names 1494-1512

4 Responses to Databases and Notes

  1. Phil says:

    Where did you find the image from the anonymous Vitruvius manuscript at Ferrara? What is the date of that document? I am interested in more detailed information about this image.

  2. jillburke says:

    Claudio Sgarbi edited this manuscript with fantastic and very full notes on the text, including comments on the image:
    Vitruvio Ferrarese. Dal Vitruvio Ferrarese: La Restituzione Dei Templi Del De Architectura ; Tra Suggestioni Antiquarie Albertiane e Metodologia Grafica Raffaellesca. Edited by Claudio Sgarbi, 2003.

  3. Phil says:

    Thanks for the info! What does the text say at the top of the image? Are there any other drawings of human proportions in this text?

    • jillburke says:

      You’re welcome! Yes, there’s one other human proportion study just before this – the text is the passage from Vitruvius about the proportions of the human figure.

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